Warranty & Delivery Policy

1. Introduction

1.1 We are Atwood Pte Ltd, Authorized Distributor of Sihoo in Singapore, 200400087K, 1 Tampines North Drive 1, #04-02 T-Space, Singapore 528559, trading as www.sihoo.sg

These terms and conditions govern the supply by us if any product ordered by you on the site. By agreeing to order a product, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions.


2. Delivery

2.1 We always aim to deliver within 1 week from date of order (upon confirmation order) but we cannot guarantee any firm delivery dates.

2.2 We shall aim to let you know if we expect that we are unable to meet our estimated delivery date, but, to the extent permitted by law. We shall not be liable to you for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges, expenses arising out of late delivery.

2.3 On delivery of the Product, you are required to sign for delivery. You agree to inspect the product for any obvious faults, defects or damage before you sign for delivery. You need to keep receipt of the delivered product in case of future discussions with us about it.

2.4 We deliver in our standard packaging. Desks and chairs will be assembled at our site and delivered to your place, unless special requests by customers not to assemble. Any special packaging requested by you is subject to additional charges.

2.5 You must take care when opening the product so as not to damage it, particularly when using any sharp instruments.

2.6 It is your responsibility to ensure that the Products are sufficient and suitable for your purposes and meet your individual requirements. We do not warrant that the Products will meet your individual requirements. You acknowledge that the Products are standard and not made bespoke to fit any particular requirements that you may have.


3. Cancellation

3.1 We may cancel a Contract if the Product is not available for any reason. We will notify you if this is the case and return any payment that you have made.

3.2 We will usually refund any money received from you using the same method originally used by you to pay for the product.


4. Cancellation by Customer (Non-Faulty Product)

If you wish to cancel your order please contact our Customer Service Team at 6484 4588. 5% of administrative fees apply before dispatched. Once an order has been dispatched it may not be cancelled and the item must instead be returned to the company according to guidelines provided by Atwood Pte Ltd.


5. Limited Warranty Terms and Conditions

SIHOO PRODUCT is warranty against defects in workmanship and material for the period stated on the invoice commencing from date of purchase. Within the in-warranty period, repairs and replacement of faulty materials shall be subject as expressly provided in this warranty; all warranties, conditions or other terms implied by statue or common law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Under no circumstances shall the Company be held responsible for the physical damage, increased costs or expenses, loss of business or profit or data or any other indirect, special or consequential loss or damage whatsoever which arise out of any act or omission of any agent or employee or independent contractor of the Company or in connection with the supply of SIHOO Products or their use or resale during and/ or after installation of the parts for the SIHOO Product.


5.1 This warranty is valid in the country of purchase only.

5.2 This warranty is available to the purchaser named in the invoice and is not transferable, negotiable or assignable to a third party.

5.3 For any service within the warranty period your SIHOO Product must be accompanied with the proof of purchase (either in the form of official receipt or invoice)

5.4 The Company’s sole obligation under this warranty shall be, at its option, to repair or replace the Field Replaceable Unit (hereinafter called the “FRU”) with the new or qualified used FRU at its option, in the event of any failure or defect covered under the Warranty arising during the warranty period.

5.5 We warrant that: 
(a) The Product will be delivered undamaged in the quantities ordered; and 
(b) The Product will conform to the manufacturer’s latest published instructions as set on the site or in our Product Material at the time of your order.

5.6 The Product is intended to be used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s latest published instructions as set out on the site or as on the product itself. It is your responsibility to ensure that you use the Product strictly in accordance with those instructions.

5.7 We try very hard to deliver Products in excellent condition. If the Product is not in good working condition as warranted, the sole and exclusive remedy shall be repaired, or replaced. The Company will replace it with a similar part or one with similar in value.

If you tell us that the Product is faulty, you agree to keep the product in its current condition available for us to inspect within a reasonable time period.

5.8 In order to provide you with any remedies for a faulty product, we may need your assistance and prompt provision of certain information regarding the product, including: 
(a) You specifying with reasonable detail the way in which it’s alleged that the product is damaged or defective; and 
(b) You providing us with the delivery note number or invoice number and such other information as we reasonably require.

5.9 If you would like us to repair, replace or provide a refund for the Product where it did conform to the applicable contract, and we find that the product has: 
(a) Been misused, abused or subjected to neglect, improper or inadequate care, carelessness, damage or abnormal conditions; or 
(b) Been involved in any accident, misuse, negligence and improper installation or any manner of tempering, alteration or modification that is made to the product. 
(c) Been dealt with or used contrary to the instructions contained in operating instructions of the Sihoo product; or 
(d) Deteriorated through normal wear and tear such as corrosion or stains

After delivery by us, we may at our discretion decide not to repair, replace or refund you for the product and / or we may require you to pay all reasonable transport costs and servicing costs at our current standard fees and costs.

This warranty shall be immediately ceased and become void if unauthorized repair is made to the product.

Any replaced old parts are not returnable.

1 Year Limited Warranty
The product is subject to 1 year limited warranty from the date of issue, address indicated on the invoice. 
1st Year: Parts and labour free of charge. However transportation charge to site is applicable.

2 Year Limited Warranty
The product is subject to 2 years limited warranty from the date of issue, address indicated on the invoice. 
1st Year: Parts and labour free of charge. However, transportation charge to site is applicable. 
2nd Year: Parts at 50% discount. However, labour & transportation charge to site is applicable. 
From 2nd Year onwards, all transportations, delivery, handling and labour charges are applicable on the customer and are not covered by this warranty protection.

3 Year Limited Warranty 
The product is subject to 3 years limited warranty from the date of issue, address indicated on the invoice. 
1st Year: Parts and Service free of charge
2nd and 3rd Year: Parts and Service fee at 50% discount.
Customers are advised to pick up their item after service, delivery charge applies should you request for products to be send back to you after service.


6. Servicing Working Hours:

Monday to Friday 10.00am to 5.00pm 
Transportation charge per trip is SGD 45
Labour charge is depending on the complexity of the work required. Customer will be advised before work commences.


7. Guarantee and Complaints Management

7.1 We shall perform our obligations under these Terms & Conditions with reasonable skills and care.

7.2 We place great value on our customer satisfaction. You may contact us during our working hours using the contact details given in clause 1.1 of these Terms & Conditions. We will attempt to address your concerns as soon as reasonably possible and will contact you on receipt of any relevant enquiry or complaint. In guarantee cases, the manufacturer frequently must be involved, and as such it may take longer to resolve such an enquiry or complaint.

7.3 In the event of a complaint it will help us if you can describe the object of your complaint as accurately as possible and, where applicable, send us copies of the order or at least the order number that we assign you in the Confirmation Order. Should you not have received any response from us within five working days, please make further enquiries. In rare cases your emails may be caught up in our spam filters or not reach us, or correspondence that we send to you may otherwise not have reached you.


8. General

We shall keep a record of your Order and these terms and conditions until six years after we have accepted your Order. However, for your future reference, we advise you to print and keep a copy of these Terms and Conditions, your Order, the Acknowledgement and the Confirmation of Order.


9. Amendment to the General Business Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. All amendments to these Terms and Conditions will be posted on-line. However, continued use of the Site will be deemed to constitute acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions.